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The results achieved in MGML by Ph.D. and master students form a substantial part of their thesis. 

In recent years, following thesis have been defended:

Type  Researcher Title Year of defence
Ph.D. RNDr. Michal Vališka, Ph.D. 5f-electron Magnetism in Intermetallic Uranium Compounds 2018
Ph.D. RNDr. Klicpera Milan, Ph.D. Electron properties of the substituted cerium compounds 2016
Ph.D. RNDr. Kratochvílová Marie, Ph.D. The ground-state properties of new (RE, U) nTIn3n+2 intermetallic compounds 2015
Ph.D. Mgr. Valeš Václav, Ph.D. High-temperature X-ray Diffractometry of Thin Layers 2015
Ph.D. Tkach Ilya, Ph.D. Superconductivity and electronic properties of y-U alloys and their hydrides 2015
Ph.D. RNDr. ÄŚermák Petr, Ph.D. Magnetic properties of R2TIn8 and related tetragonal compounds 2015
Ph.D. RNDr. Kaštil JiĹ™í, Ph.D. Magnetocaloric properties of rare-earth compounds 2015
Ph.D. RNDr. FikáÄŤek Jan, Ph.D. Physical phenomena in ytterbium- and cerium-based compounds 2014
Ph.D. Mgr. Horák Lukáš, Ph.D. Study of the structure of ferromagnetic semiconductors by x-ray scattering methods 2014
Ph.D. RNDr. Mašková Silvie, Ph.D. Structure and magnetic properties of f-electron compounds and their hydrides 2013
Ph.D. Mgr. Míšek Martin, Ph.D. Magnetické a transportní vlastnosti slouÄŤenin s F-elektrony za extrémních podmínek 2013
Ph.D. Mgr. Barchuk Mykhailo, Ph.D. Diffuse x-ray scattering from GaN epitaxial layers 2013
Ph.D. Adamska Anna Maria, Ph.D. Variations of actinide magnetism in uranium-base hydrides and other selected systems 2012
Diploma Mgr. Vlášková Kristina Magnetic excitations in cerium compounds 2016
Diploma Mgr. Pajskr Karel Magnetické vlastnosti Nd2RhIn8 a pĹ™íbuzných tetragonálních slouÄŤenin na bázi Nd 2016
Diploma Bc. Proschek Petr Extension of instrumental capabilities in cryomagnetic laboratory 2016
Diploma Mgr. ZubáÄŤ Jan Electronic properties of RPd5Al2 compounds 2016
Diploma Mgr. Šebesta Jakub Magnetism in the RCo2-type compounds 2016
Diploma RNDr. Opletal Petr Critical behaviour in magnetic phase diagrams of uranium compounds 2015
Diploma RNDr. Cejpek Petr X-ray diffraction and diffuse scattering from Heusler alloys 2015
Diploma RNDr. DoleĹľal Petr Structural changes in intermetallic compounds 2015
Diploma Mgr. MoudĹ™ík Jan Cooperative phenomena in cerium compounds on the verge of magnetism 2015
Diploma Mgr. Bartha Attila Magnetic study of layered tetragonal compounds based on rare earths and uranium 2015
Diploma RNDr. Vališka Michal Superconductivity and Magnetism of Uranium Compounds 2013
Diploma RNDr. Valenta Jaroslav Pressure-induced changes of magnetic behavior of RCo2-type compounds 2013