Materials Growth & Measurement Laboratory

Applying for experimental time

MGML offers access for external users to its experimental facilities dedicated to preparation and characterization of high quality samples and measurements of a rich spectrum of physical properties of materials.

Access to the facilities is free of charge for national and international research teams, provided that the results from experiments at the MGML facilities will be disseminated in the public domain with an adequate reference to the infrastructure. There is also a limited possibility of providing financial support of living and travel expenses of users coming for an experiment from institutions outside Prague.

To apply for access to the MGML infrastructure facilities, scientific proposals should be submitted via User portal. There are no deadlines; the proposals can be submitted at any time. The proposals for experiments are evaluated every month by the MGML Panel on the basis of scientific excellence, considering also needs of students for their thesis. An adequate experimental time will be allocated to the accepted proposals by the head of MGML and the experiment will be scheduled in concert with user needs, taking into account the possibilities of the laboratory.

Users are encouraged to submit two types of proposals:

  • Standard proposals focused on one particular subject.
  • Long-term proposals which have a broader extent and will be realized as a larger series of subsequent experiments in a longer time scale of several months up to one year. Typically, the work within a student thesis or a research grant can belong to this category.

If you would like to submit proposal, please go to: USER DASHBOARD

In exceptional cases, the standard proposals can be submitted in a rapid-access mode to speed up both the proposal assessment and the allocation of measurement time-slot in order to support the hot research subjects of high scientific excellence.

Once the experiment is realized, the users are required to provide the experimental report summarizing the main results via the User portal within three months after the experiment.


Please use variation of the following acknowledgement phrase in your publications based on the results from MGML:
Experiments were performed in MGML (, which is supported within the program of Czech Research Infrastructures (project no. LM2018096).